Investing In Stocks: VITAL Trading Tips [2019]

Investing In Stocks: VITAL Trading Tips [2019]
Investing In Stocks: VITAL Stock Market Trading Tips [2019]

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Be quick to close trades, and slow to open new trades.

Challenge yourself to close out a position every time you open a new trade.

Beginners want to be an investor and dream of investing in the stock market.

Successful stock market investing as a stock market trader.

Stock market investing is not easy.

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Stock investing & options trading requires discipline.

Almost all stock trading “experts” aren’t actually trading.

They’re marketers that use tags like stock market for beginners to sell the idea that making millions by trading with a ,000 investment is easy in stocks.

But… it’s not

TastyTrade & myself are the best stock market education companies if you want to invest in stocks.

Option Alpha is also decent, but I don’t think Kirk Du Plessis from Option Alpha makes money from trading.

To be a successful stock market investor, the best tip that I can give you is not to listen to criminals like Ricky Gutierrez

That’s the best stock investing strategies and tips that I can provide.

Oh, and stop day trading & swing trading.

You’ll lose all your money by doing that.

The stock market for beginners is a treacherous place.

Don’t be like 98% of the others who look up how to start investing in the stock market and lose money stock trading & investing.

I’ve worked in the finance world for almost 20 years and no retail trader makes money by day trading or swing trading.

Successful investors need:

1) Sell option premium / selling options

2) Invest in a coaching program / mentor (BestStockStrategy or TastyTrade)

Investing in yourself is the most important investment that you can make in your stock trading career.

The hardest part of options trading & trading options is controlling your risk by keeping your size small and also closing your positions early.

Investing success via online trading is about discipline.

Making good decisions.

There is no stock market tips when it comes to online trading.

Successful stock market and options traders are quick to close out their positions and slow to enter.

The only way you’re going to be profitable is by selling stock options and selling option premium.

Stock market trading is not easy.

Learn to trade & profit in the stock market with the best trading strategies.

You’ll learn what Option Alpha, TheChartGuys, tastytrade, Sky View Trading & Financial Education don’t tell you!

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Investing In Stocks: VITAL Trading Tips [2019]

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  2. Great video. Stress from Trading is real. Right now I have lowered my expectations per trade. Taking profits when they are there. Had a big loss on AYI last month and it made me realize my position size was too big for my stress level and health.

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