IMPORTANT MARKET UPDATES: Stocks, Bonds, Dollar, Gold, Silver, Crypto, MORE! By Gregory Mannarino

IMPORTANT MARKET UPDATES: Stocks, Bonds, Dollar, Gold, Silver, Crypto, MORE! By Gregory Mannarino
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IMPORTANT MARKET UPDATES: Stocks, Bonds, Dollar, Gold, Silver, Crypto, MORE! By Gregory Mannarino

18 thoughts on “IMPORTANT MARKET UPDATES: Stocks, Bonds, Dollar, Gold, Silver, Crypto, MORE! By Gregory Mannarino”

  1. Greg, what you have been saying about how the markets are fixed makes even more sense after what I heard Irwin Baxter from EndTime Ministries talk about this weekend. He said there was a secret meeting in 1913 on Jekyl Island between a handful of well-to-do bankers and a politician. This was the beginning of what we know of the "Federal Reserve" system. So, it seems they will do what they want to in order to benefit themselves. Pretty convenience sounding to me…

  2. dr. greg. forget cannabis. i'm waiting for an ipo to provide total parenteral nutriition (tpn), to compete with the mainliner's media fake news squared. btw, in that regard, i heard today poppy scherf died this summer. his doctor was shot in the head, and the shooter was disappeared. go figgur.

  3. Hey Greg, the long term effects of cannabis are; good health, wellness, peace, great sleep and being free of Cancer. Short term effects are happiness and increased appetite. It has been used as a
    medicinal plant for thousands of years.

  4. You practiced medicine for 20 years which makes you less than credible. You have to prove now that know what you're talking about, since the Pharmaceuticals are so safe and effective. I have unsubscribed

  5. Greg remember fast times at ridmont high ,Spicolie is the side effect ,dont worry i can fix it my dads a tv repair man hes got alota tools.

  6. Hi Greg! Greg Hunter just interviewed Dr. Mark Skidmore, who says he and his economic grad students recently discovered that there could be 21 Trillion dollars 'missing' in the U.S. budget, which would make the US national debt double the official figure. Hunter tried to pin down the man about how that realization by world leaders would affect the Dollar, but Skidmore says he doesn't have absolute proof and won't speculate on its impact – except to say that if true, could be devastating. Have you heard about this and what do you think?

  7. I'm beginning to suspect this whole Saudi murder thing is a planned and orchestrated piece of theatre. For whose benefit?

  8. Putting this comment out to Greg and everyone.
    Does anyone with common sense think the system isn't completely and totally rigged from top to bottom? How many times in how many different ways does it need to be shown?
    And don't expect the government to do more than slap the crooks hand.

    1 The Debts/Deficits of the USG are NEVER EVER going to be paid off. EVER!
    2 The "MARKET" as it's called. Should be called the Casino Funnel. Is an illusion for the unwashed masses to be conned into thinking I can win too. But it needs the 95% of suckers for the game to work.
    3 The people in power must laff their ass off at the commoners. When it shown over and over and over again by the Boom-Bust cycle of the market. This isn't some random happening.

    You don't leave your money at the casino when you stop gambling. WHY should you leave your money in the hands of complete strangers when Market wheel stops turning.
    Get in-Get out. Control YOUR money.

  9. The Banks are corporations or dead entities, blaming the banks is like blaming the government, they are not guilty as they are not living. The power of banks and governments are vested in the owners, but no one knows who they are, and they are without oversight.

  10. When the issue of politics is brought up, I wish people would speak the obvious, that it all is predicated on violence. By that I mean the concept of regulation and taxes. People are FORCED to do that which they do not want, and often times is unnatural. But people act like we need leaders as if we are all a bunch of children. Wake up and govern yourselves, people. Stop looking to the murderous fraudsters DBA "government" to solve your problems and be your reconcilers. This goes for all people in every so called "country".

  11. With a little Luck…We just may have time to prep more for 2019….Get your House in Order – For the bumpy Ride….have a G'DAY!

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