How to Trade Stocks from Europe: My Favorite Hotel in Greece

How to Trade Stocks from Europe: My Favorite Hotel in Greece
Check out my favorite hotel in Greece:

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I get a lot of messages asking, “Where are these amazing places I go to?” Well, I’m here in Mykonos at my favorite hotel — Cavo Tagoo. There are a lot of amazing views in the world, but very few places also have amazing service, food, and most importantly: amazing WiFi.

I love traveling and trading. But it wasn’t easy to get here. I didn’t start out trading from beautiful places. I studied for 20 years. I was extremely disciplined and I sacrificed. I still do. I’m not out with my friends right now, I’m studying from this amazing hotel, and I’ve made a few hundred dollars.

There are a few lessons here. You need to study, be disciplined and sacrifice. The stock market can work for you, no matter what type of trader you are. But you can’t predict the next big trade — you need to be prepared.

I have all the resources and information to help you become a better trader. I want you to be able to see these incredible views. But it takes hard work. You need to put in the time and effort. You need to work hard, study and be disciplined.

I want all my students to succeed. So I show you beautiful views like this to inspire you and show you where you can go if you work hard enough.

Are you disciplined enough to see these beautiful places? Leave a comment below if any of these tips resonate with you.

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How to Trade Stocks from Europe: My Favorite Hotel in Greece

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  1. Hey Tim , great spot indeed !
    So I got a question, not Hating just asking as the video is called “How do I trade the stock market from Europe/Greece “ and I didn’t get how you actually do it . I leave in Europe and a lot of the platforms/ brokers aren’t available over here . So is it the case you can use your us broker wherever you go or you use an EU one ?
    To clarify I’m not pretending of knowing anything only been papertrading for few months and looking to go live.

  2. Hello tim im from indonesia, i hve experience about trading but i dont hve pattern its so stupid .. can i became your student and became pro trader like you and your millionaire student ?

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