How To Find & Trade Penny Stocks (For Newbies)

You can get started trading penny stocks from scratch, just be taking a few minutes with this online tool. It is free, and has all aspects of penny stock investing:

– find great penny stock companies
– learn how to trade them
– understand what drives the prices of penny stocks
– getting started trading for beginners
– go from newbie or dummy, to penny stock master!

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Whether a beginner or experienced, the content discussed in this video will be a great hep to you. When it comes to penny stocks, they are a different type of investment, and as such they play be their own sets of rules.

Of course, if you learn these rules, you’ll also discover the best ways to profit from penny stocks as a beginner.
How To Find & Trade Penny Stocks (For Newbies)

One thought on “How To Find & Trade Penny Stocks (For Newbies)”

  1. Peter I took a look at and this looks like a great site to pick up quick tips. and it is laid out very well. Thanks for this resource!
    Regarding the topic of "never leave trades open overnight", you mention how stocks often jump high at the beginning of the trading day and then taper downwards throughout the day. I've noticed that several days in a row and found myself tempted to buy at the end of the day, then sell early the next day to pick up some quick profits. Does that ever make sense in your opinion?

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