How I Make $500 a Day Trading Penny Stocks

How I Make 0 a Day Trading Penny Stocks
How To Start Trading Penny Stocks in 2018
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How I Make 0 a Day Trading Penny Stocks

14 thoughts on “How I Make $500 a Day Trading Penny Stocks”

  1. Nice video man. Have you only been trading for 3 years? How old are you? Could you make a more personal video talking about your trading journey, when you started, your mistakes, when you became profitable etc? Love your content!

  2. Nothing but the truth here!! Don’t be afraid to learn from other traders as well. Check out my library 😀 study, study, study

  3. hey just out of curiosity, why do you execute your trades via td ameritrade & chart with e-trade pro?
    Is there a problem with e-trade executions? What are some pros and cons of using td ameritrade over e trade?

  4. Usually if the main stocks on watch in pre market and at the open don't do what people anticipate, then low priced low float stocks come out of nowhere due to promo because of no solid catalyst usually 30 minutes after the open. Some have good patterns such as a cup and handle formation off of a key long term support level or middle VWAP and some fail so be very careful and use the psychology of the short seller + somebody who bought it earlier if the stock is hard to borrow so there aren't many short sellers.

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