Precious Metals Video Update: Dollar Breakout, Gold Stocks Breakdown

Precious Metals Video Update: Dollar Breakout, Gold Stocks Breakdown

We cover the dollar breakout and the gold stock breakdown as well as Gold, which is ripe for a rally. But how much will it help the gold stocks?

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Precious Metals Video Update: Dollar Breakout, Gold Stocks Breakdown

5 thoughts on “Precious Metals Video Update: Dollar Breakout, Gold Stocks Breakdown

  1. buy bullion now why it is down dont look at the charts they dont tell the future.anyone can see where this country is going and where it will be.invest half of your assets in bullion because when the wost happens you want to have something rather then nothing.people in 1929 did not have this option cause bullion wasnt worth as much as it is now.copper bullion is one of the most important metals people overlook.for me i see it wright at the top with gold and silver for two reasons one there are more poor people then there are rich people if it comes to barter or trading with people. second it is a good change maker for higher priced metals. and if it came down to it and you needed a loaf of bread what would you trade for it an ounce of gold silver or copper? things to keep in mind all metals in bullion form will come in handy. that is why we have different denominations of money no one walks around with all 50 or 100 dollar bills.people should be hoarding bullion how long do you think the market will keep up the pace it is going?and look what happened to crypto currancy way up and then crashing down. the same can happen with the market.and bullion cant be hacked.something to keep in mind oil wells run dry. dont think that their wont be metal shortages in the can bet the rich people with millions of dollars are buying up bullion and stockpiling it while it is down as low as it is.for me it isnt just about making money but being able to survive the worst of what will come.

  2. Great video as usual, keep up the great work. For me personally i am not going to get aggressive until gold gets over $1400. This will trigger long positions in multiple methodologies across the charting spectrum. Until then it's just patiently stalking gold until it approaches this level. The Fed will eventually cut when this cycle turns but that time is not now.

  3. you kept telling dec 2016 low but i noticed that you meant to say Dec 2017. Could you please correct this?

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