Gold Miners Selling At A 50% Discount Says This Analyst

Gold Miners Selling At A 50% Discount Says This Analyst

Gold stocks are currently trading at a massive discount to fair value in the market, said Garret Goggin, associate editor of the Gold Stock Analyst.

“The miners are much healthier than they have been. They’ve got stronger cash margins, they’re trading at a larger discount than they ever have been, all the way back to 1995,” Goggin told Kitco News on the sidelines of the Gold Stock Analyst Investor Day conference in Florida. “The fair value is 100% higher.”

On silver stocks, Goggin said that like gold miners, they are currently very attractively priced.

“They do have news coming up and they’re fundamentally undervalued versus my analysis of them and they have economic drivers that should be influencing their price regardless of where the price of gold and silver moves in the future,” he said.
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Gold Miners Selling At A 50% Discount Says This Analyst