Ghana Africa website EH Beauty now accepts Flashcoin as a form of purchase

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Vancouver, BC / TheNewswire / October 23, 2018 – Cryptocurrency Flashcoin can now be used in Africa for the purchase of Women’s beauty products. is now accepting Flash as a form of payment. This is first of many online stores in Ghana with the co-operation of the CKOA – Crypto Kings of Africa at American House in East Legon, Accra, Ghana and the FLASHcoin ("FLASH") community.

"People all around the world can now easily and conveniently exchange their FLASH for high quality fashion items like those made available on the EH Beauty Store website" states Edwina Mark-Hansen the owner.

CKOA is requesting the services of friends and family, to bring more referrals to the table to extend the uses of Flashcoin throughout Africa.

FLASH was designed to make it easy, inexpensive, and fast to transfer value worldwide and this service has shown that it is already fulfilling its purpose in Ghana. There is a lot more to come from the Ghana Flashcoin community.

c/o Jerry Umoh CKOA- Crypto-Kings of Africa, American House -East Legon, Accra Ghana Contact:


What is FLASH?

FLASH is a community supported blockchain project developed for all people that offers fast transactions with low fees. There are only 900M coins available, all of which were distributed at the beginning of the project. No ICO’s, no developer funds and zero inflation; our goal is to create a safe, secure and resilient environment for our community to thrive. Website: Contact:

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