Friday Morning Spikes: Learn to Manage Losses Trading Penny Stocks

Friday Morning Spikes: Learn to Manage Losses Trading Penny Stocks
I trade more aggressively on Friday mornings. That’s when you can have the biggest spikes. SUBSCRIBE: to get INSTANT alerts when I post a new video outlining my penny stock trading techniques.*

0:30 Just want to go over my Friday trades real quick. Made a few hundred bucks. I think both of these were pretty good trades. You’ll see I’ll frankly try to see which ones can spike a lot. GEVO was on my watch list as a potential dip buy.

2:00 When a stock proves that it can spike big, that tells me, especially on a Friday morning, that it can spike big again. I didn’t sell it. I got a really good execution right in here around 940 because it was just panicking so much.

3:00 Friday mornings, be more aggressive with morning spikers. I caught, I missed the initial morning spike, but I found the dip. And then, I don’t care what happens the rest of the day.

4:00 Normally you should wait for a convincing breakout with news and also this was like the third or even the fourth green day attempt. It’s kind of late in the run-up.

5:00 Do not do this every day. Do not do this if you only have one day trade left. You have to think about what kind of environment are you in. Is it Friday? What is your account size? How many day trades do you have left for the week?

6:30 If you can make 50 or 60 cents a share on a speculative trade and the downside risk is that you lose five or 10 cents, that’s a good trade. The problem comes in with the fact where some people plan to lose five or 10 cents, but they don’t cut their losses.

8:00 I’ve been doing this for two decades now. I’ve been teaching it for over a decade. I’ve personally refined it with my trading. I’ve refined it with my teaching. You guys have to follow the rules.

9:00 In the stock market, in stock trading, you have to learn how to lose well. You have to learn how to manage your losses. The only reason why I finished up on Friday is that I’ve been wrong so many times over the course of my career and I’ve made my peace with it. I don’t mind losing 100 or 0.

10:30 I want you not to be discouraged by any trade, understand that this is a process. It’s exactly trading like this that have now added up to nearly five million dollars for me. I’m not doing anything different, I’m just trading with a small account, and frankly, I’m cutting losses quicker because I have all these eyes on me, and I want to show you good rules.

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Friday Morning Spikes: Learn to Manage Losses Trading Penny Stocks

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  1. Show little and big trade. Every video lessons are baby steps to adapt to future market conditions.

  2. this video was very educational and informative Tim, do more vids like this …. excellent vid

  3. It's good to see when you make a not so great trade or a loss and how you manage it. Let's people know that your still human and that you dont let imperfection hold you back. Thanks for the lesson.

  4. Yes, please keep doing these! I just started watching about two months ago so I'm still watching old ones as well! Study study study!!! Thanks for all you do and for being so generous an sharing. Hoping I can do the same in the next few years wouldn't have ever thought I could had it not been for you, your hard work, and your interview on the Steve Harvey show!

  5. I need more video lessons like this Tim, and thank you a lot for helping to grow my knowledge account.

  6. Hey Tim…great video, it's really nice to see that your trades also don't work out all the time…I do the same things sometimes so it was relatable 🙂

  7. 2 medic center Tim, Really Fantastic man fore making al this possible. All challengers student should be put on a 1 day volunteer regiment. Travel journal with recommendation good places to stay?& if you need a coffee man ore Laptop securtity guard fore your travels, hook a brother up!.

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