Frank Holmes: Commodities (Especially Gold Stocks) Are Due For A Major Rally Soon

Frank Holmes: Commodities (Especially Gold Stocks) Are Due For A Major Rally Soon
Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, CEO & Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Global Investors, Frank Holmes

Frank’s bio:

Frank is also an award winning investment analyst. Frank writes the popular investing blog, called Frank Talk, covering energy, gold, commodities and China.

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During this 30+ minute interview Jason asks Frank about the oil market and why it’s had a big rally in price since summer of 2017?

Jason asks Frank a number of other questions about the oil market including if he thinks this higher oil price will bring on more oil supply and that will lead to another oil bust?

Next, Frank talks about how cheap commodities (especially gold stocks) are relative to regular stocks. Frank thinks that commodities including energy and gold stocks are overdue for a large mean reversion rally.

Frank thinks that peak gold is a reality for gold miners, that gold miners have cut all their costs to the bone and that it is extremely financially dangerous for a gold miner to bring any new gold mines online. However, Frank really likes (prefers) the larger precious metals royalty and streaming companies.

Frank also talks about his company’s new Gold Mining ETF (NYSE:GOAU)

To wrap up the interview, Jason asks Frank about institutions going into Bitcoin and the other larger crypto currency like George Soros and Frank talks about the impressive margins and profit potential of his new company, Hive Blockchain Technologies, which could be making million per year in free cash flow in the near future.

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Frank Holmes: Commodities (Especially Gold Stocks) Are Due For A Major Rally Soon

14 thoughts on “Frank Holmes: Commodities (Especially Gold Stocks) Are Due For A Major Rally Soon”

  1. Excellent work, Jason. Many thanks! Yes, I've had my eye on HVBTF for a few months now and have been 'hodling,' possibly adding to my humble stack soon.

  2. Proof of work in Bitcoin is so awesome, because we all know that the labour theory of value is correct.

  3. Assessing voluntary value to an invisible nonentity is most illogical. But after decades of using Government Fiat currency humans have been conditioned to accept, grade and add value to invisible nonentities. When logic is scarce and conditioning complete, the value of nothing can accelerate to very high levels and last for an eternity.

  4. The systems in place are absolutely undermining (no pun intended)/controlling precious metals.
    Control price with paper futures market.
    Now we are using the term 'mining' to describe computer programs. which has nothing to do with computers.
    So, PMs are becoming irrelevant because we are changing the definition of 'mining/to mine'.
    This video, confusingly, uses 'mine' in both context. At this rate, it won't be long before gold is a relic used for jewelry (perhaps). And we contributed to its demise by changing the meaning of that one word.
    Mining computer programs. Really? Are we this ignorant?
    Let's not be.

  5. I wonder who's paving the way for 5G, IOT, SCS, UBI, AI, cryptocurrency and the cashless society? 🤔 hmmmmmmmm

  6. Just read the report on HIVE at ''/block. This company has major potential considering where blockchain innovation is moving.

  7. Frank is an awfuly smart money manager. Made millions by seeding gold companies and HIVE blockchain. I read Lior Gantz's thorough overview of Frank's bio. That's what got me looking into HIVE and I made more than 100% on it in 2017. Picked up a position recently with EOS thanks to Wealth Researxh Group as well and doubled on it quickly. Jason, you should do a round table with Frank and Lior.

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