First statistics in penny stock ever??? (and why does it matter)

First statistics in penny stock ever??? (and why does it matter)
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First statistics in penny stock ever??? (and why does it matter)

19 thoughts on “First statistics in penny stock ever??? (and why does it matter)”

  1. I deleted all my twitter, facebok apps from my phone like a year into learning, so like a year ago. I also don't use any social platforms while my chart platform is open. I literally stopped making dumb trades because i wasn't jealous of other people making that $$.

    your english is getting better man! NOICEE

  2. On the DVD do you show your spreadsheets?
    Do you include the raw spreadsheet or just the final thoughts?
    Although it's awesome for us to know what works, I think it's better if we know how it works
    Thank you man!

  3. Are you buying and shorting around 100k a trade? I'm trying to figure something out.

  4. 1.
    Your coupon code does nothing.
    There is no price reduction.

    Question regarding your chat room :

    Do you give the trade alerts BEFORE you place your trade or after?

    Regarding your $7,500 Tier 3 package :

    Do your live trade sessions show every step of how you find and trade the stocks so there will never be any questions from the customer who paid you $7,500?

    If the customer paying you $7,500 for Tier 3 still has questions after the 1 year period will you answer them or no?

    Is there anything new that was not in your DVDs because charging $7,500 is a hell of a lot of money if it's just the same content as in your DVDs.
    If there is new content that wasn't in the expensive DVDs then why sell people incomplete lessons?

    Are the Tier 3 sessions 1 on 1 and done in person or are they over the internet using some kind of real time communication such as Skype?

    When is your 2nd DVD coming out?

    Your DVD should of included your spread sheets and shown the % won for each strategy.

  5. Your tease email mention there would be more stats. Like % to break out compared to float vs volume ratio and short squeeze % taking into account volume+float. Also I thought these pattern stats would have more details as well: like resistance volume, type of news, overhead resistance, fresh chart Y/N ect…

  6. Looking at the "equity curve" they seem to have slowed in trajectory in the last few months?

  7. this is a really cool feature. thanks for sharing. I think i will sign up to see all the bells an whistles

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