Facebook, Twitter Drop 20% Of Stock Price Nearly Overnight, But Why? Here’s My Opinion

Facebook, Twitter Drop 20% Of Stock Price Nearly Overnight, But Why? Here's My Opinion
Facebook stock dropped nearly twenty percent on Thursday following the release of the company’s earnings report and average daily user counts, but what really led to such a drastic change in the company’ stock value?

Facebook has dealt with a number of controversies and issues over the past year which contributed to the company’s recent drop in share price, falling by as much as 24% following the release of company earnings reports. Mark Zuckerberg personally lost approximately billion in perhaps the largest single-day loss for an individual in history.

Twitter lost 1 million monthly active users in the second quarter, the company said in its earnings report Friday, signaling it’s paying a price for implementing an aggressive new campaign to suspend fake and suspicious accounts.

The earnings report was Twitter’s first since The Washington Post reported three weeks ago that the company was suspending accounts at a rate of roughly 1 million a day after implementing new tools for detecting accounts that might be involved in disinformation or other activity, such as spam, not permitted on the platform. Twitter had 335 million average monthly active users in the second quarter, down from 336 million the previous quarter.


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Facebook, Twitter Drop 20% Of Stock Price Nearly Overnight, But Why? Here’s My Opinion

14 thoughts on “Facebook, Twitter Drop 20% Of Stock Price Nearly Overnight, But Why? Here’s My Opinion”

  1. Twitter is not facebook
    Facebook is not Twitter
    Twitter went down because of facebook
    Twitter should be around $50. 00 a share by now.
    Cant believe this stock is down.
    Play with a different stock.

  2. When I watch these Social Media companies behaving like they are in today's America, I remember Myspace and others who did what they are doing; it is just a matter of time before it all comes to ahead!

  3. 32 right wing pages were banned. I was put in Fb jail for 30 days bc I posted DOJ stats. Only gov stats, nothing else at all.

    I won't stop going on Fb & Twitter bc I'm going to continue posting Conservative memes, facts & stats. I make memes & post on groups/pages, also. I check to make sure my posts are seen.

    Btw, I've tested Fb & have reported literally gay porn & death threats, Fb has no problem with it. Of course……

  4. I never signed up for Facebook or Twitter. I think people who sign up for Facebook have some strange vanity issues and Twitter is for twits…

  5. Man those flags are so beautiful, definitely a nice upgrade to the videos 👍glad I was able to find your channel despite the conservative censorship

  6. The American people are finally waking up to the fact that they need to return to being the TRUSTWORTHY citizens they need to be in order to preserve the gifts their grandparents bought with their blood. Facebook and Twitter have PROVEN themselves to be tools of the enemies of this nation. If allowed to survive their methods of sabotage will only INCREASE until the hope of this nation is fully tethered to their control. We need for Facebook and Twitter to experience the full wrath of all good Americans and to be replaced by more ethical counterparts once and for all. Youtube had better heed the warning as well. Americans, let NOTHING tether you and comprise the wonderful freedoms for which billions have died. WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE PARENTED BY GOVERNMENT OR CORPORATIONS. JUST TELL THEM 'THANK YOU, BUT NO THANK YOU'. Don't be afraid. The best is yet to come. Courageous right thinking is always worth any price.

  7. Abl as one your subscribers i have been shodow blocked in 2016 for saying true facts about hillary and posting good comments bout PRESIDENT TRUMP they still look at my post and shodow block me till like 6 months ago when diamond and silk brought this before congress. And can i ask why mark zuckerburg has not been charged for lying to congress under oath? He sat there and lyed his ass off all day and diamond and silk had the proof in facebooks emails to them.why hasn't he been brought back before congress or been charged yet?

  8. Hopefully they pull their heads out of their asses so us little guys can buy dirt cheap stocks and profit from their mistakes.

  9. Also it’s many business is getting shadow banned that business owners don’t know about🤔

  10. If you have kids, keep them away from the Internet. There is nothing on the Internet that is of any value to people under the age of 13.

  11. Y'know…………….I'm not a big time successful business owner or nothing, but even I can see this one. When you throw too many people out of the store, you start losing money. If you lose too much money, the people who are investing in you will start to get a little worried. When investors start getting worried, they wanna stick their noses in it. If they don't like what they see, they'll pull their money out. I think you know where the rest of the puzzle pieces fit from here.

    Somehow, the Liberals seem unable to grasp the fact that nearly half of the United States voted for the guy they are currently hating. Hatred does not run a business, even if your business is to sell hatred. From what I can see, these two let their feels get in the way of what's real, and their shattered stocks are a result of that. For us common folk, it's no biggie. There were kings before them, and as the current king falls from the throne, another will take their place.

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