Facebook Stock Analysis| Tech Stock Review Tuesday 003

Facebook Stock Analysis| Tech Stock Review Tuesday 003
In this video I’ll be talking about Facebook stock and doing some analysis of it. I’ll also be discussing whether or not I think that Facebook stock is a buy or not.

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Facebook Stock Analysis| Tech Stock Review Tuesday 003

4 thoughts on “Facebook Stock Analysis| Tech Stock Review Tuesday 003”

  1. Hello Jake, I'm very impressed with what you've done, as I've been following you for a while. ONE, question, have you pulled out of positions, or considered pulling from positions in the tech sector, related to semi-condutors and other closely related futures. I ask this because I understand that in less than 24 hours we are imposing tariffs on China and our Tech sector will take the greatest hit. I understand this will affect other sectors but not nearly as much. I also understand the global economy in a whole will take a hit as other countries are all preparing to enforce tariffs also, and any loss of global trade is never good. Being the entire world all countries and nations seem to be against the US imposing tariffs. I removed a lot of positions today, but only ones I assumed would be hit the worst. I kept a few REITs, KL, some trust funds, and dividend paying stocks. What's your take on keeping postions with any tech relation or tech Reliant on Chinese imports?

  2. Can you please make a video on Disney ? I think they will be a big buy after they start their streaming services.

  3. Great video ! I can see facebook being a giant like Google in the years to come.

    But I have a question

    Fb is valued at $194 currently per share with a market cap of between $550-$600 billion and google is valued at $800-$900 billion and their share is at ~ $1100

    Now what would it take to get fb share to reach a $1000 ?

    I know that due to a large amount of shares in the market its priced low so either they would have to remove their shares from market through a buy back or their market valuation should reach 1 T dollars to make their share prices jump around $1000

    Your thoughts please

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