eotrade coin expert option ico

eotrade coin expert option ico
One Coin.
Four Platforms.EO
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Revolutionary Ecosystem for Seamless Crypto and fiat Investments.
We are bridging the gap between traditional trading and blockchain by incorporating four platforms under which fiat and crypto transactions are simplified.

Blockchain Supported By a Successful Broker
ExpertOption is a leading broker with an award-winning platform and trading app. The ExpertOption platform offers more than 100 assets and is used by more than 8 million traders across the globe. The licensed broker’s success is achieved entirely by its own team of experienced professionals.

.Licensed and Regulated Broker
.100+ Employees in 6 Countries
.8 Million+ Registered Accounts
.Best Trading Platform China Forex Expo 2017

We are building a fully rounded ecosystem for investors where traditional online traders can make an easy leap into blockchain and crypto investors can utilize all their finances on the same platforms. The EO ecosystem will be a one-stop-shop hosting four projects designed to make both traditional and crypto investing a unified process.

Our motto is better, faster, stronger because the market needs a crypto exchange which will not fail investors. EO.Trade is built to withstand the existing and future crypto market. Its engine will be powerful as it will be elastic to expand according to demand. Our KYC process and withdrawals will be the fastest the market has ever seen.

.Most Powerful Engine Among Crypto Exchanges
.Fast KYC and Withdrawals
.No Delays in Orders
.Lower fees when paying with EO Coin
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EO.Finance will be an investor’s all inclusive wallet for all financial transactions. Exchanging fiat to crypto and vice versa can be made through an easy app revolutionizing our concept of crypto transactions and eliminating complicated processes. The wallet can be used to buy, store and exchange.

.Direct Fiat to Crypto Transactions
.Crypto Transactions Through an App
.Crypto to Fiat Withdrawals
.Lower fees when paying with EO Coin
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Token based accounts will be added to the ExpertOption platform. The accounts can be opened using the EO coin and will allow a pure crypto-trading experience on currency pairs, commodities, stocks and other cryptos with higher profit percentages on assets.

.Token-based Accounts with a Regulated and Successful Broker
.Complete Blockchain Security on all Transactions
.Special Discounts on All Platforms for EO Coin Holders
.Instant Deposits and Withdrawals
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The EO ecosystem will be polished by a news portal designed to support investors with timely market news, technical analysis, financial updates and a plethora of tools which will enhance their market knowledge. The portal will be available online for viewer from across the globe.

.Timely Market News Updates To Keep Investors Informed
.Financial Information on the Crypto and Financial Market
.Accurate Technical Analysis Provided by Financial Experts
.Free Access for Both EO and Non-EO Users
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eotrade coin expert option ico