Economic Collapse: Rigged Markets, Soros Makes Gold His Largest Holding, Doubles S&P Puts
One of the more closely watched 13F reports yesterday in addition to that of Warren Buffett was that of Soros Fund Management, the family office of George Soros, which revealed that while the 85 year old billionaire was not quite as bearish as his former chief strategist Stanley Druckenmiller, or Carl Icahn for that matter, had turned decidedly sour on overall equity exposure.

As shown in his 13F, Soros slashed his overall long equity holdings by over 25% to just .5 billion as of March 31, which was the lowest such position since 2013.
As an equal opportunity information-provider, we thought it worth noting that following yesterday’s panic-selling puke in precious metals, this morning we are greeted with panic-buying as Gold and Silver spike higher on heavy volume as US stocks open…

8,500 contracts in 4 minutes – or just over a billion dollars notional paper gold bid…

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Economic Collapse: Rigged Markets, Soros Makes Gold His Largest Holding, Doubles S&P Puts

20 thoughts on “Economic Collapse: Rigged Markets, Soros Makes Gold His Largest Holding, Doubles S&P Puts”

  1. Lots of Chinese are moving to cities, sending their rich kids to colleges and universities, buying up properties from outside estate agents. It's really noticeable.

  2. please boost your audio feed, utube is messing with all truthers audio feeds. Love your work guy, living and having fun in the Philippines. the Philippine Peso is backed by gold/silver, not fiat money.

  3. Read Kitchen v. Steele, 112 F. Supp. 383 (USDC/WDMO) 1953
    Read Jones v. Temmer, 829 F. Supp. 1226 (USDC/DCO) 1993
    A (c)itizen of the United States  is  a (c)itizen of the Federal Government
    You do not want to classify yourself as a (c)itizen of the federal government
    You are (C)itizen of one of the 50 states united outside the jurisdiction of the federal government

  4. Cindy Garay, Confiscate Gold? Go back and read the original The United States Gold Reserve Act of January 30, 1934. They are very sneaky and clever. The Gold Confiscation Order was technically for only D.C. U.S.Territories. They just ran a non-stop propaganda campaign in all the papers tell the American people that they had to conform, it was a lie.

  5. everything is rigged. I'm glad your going to have something on your friday night show. Congress is also immune to any laws against insider trading. They gave themselves a pass from it.

  6. China is buying London's gold vault for 90 billion. Europe's biggest gold vault, wtfffffff.

    the shift of power is obvious. Europe and the US is being brought down.

  7. The other question is: will they Confiscate  Gold & Silver, if & when the Collapse occurs?

  8. It's been Rigged from Day One!    I am under the impression, something Not good is about to happen to Social Security, around May 28th. Effective in June!  Entitlements   will either be Reduced , or No payments at All?   Anybody have info on that?

  9. For the poor folks who can't afford to buy precious metals. Think of those things that will have more value when this house of cards fall. Stock pile baby diapers, alcohol, tobacco products and don 't forget a precious item- toilet paper.

  10. The dirty bastards are trying to claim jump me, had to get a god damn lawyer. In the end the BLM/USFS will take everything; this is likely my last season to mine.

  11. It's not hard to corner every market if your a time traveler! George is probably from the Ming Dynasty – Minnesota Gerald aka George Washington! My father and yours! He's everyone's father and everyone's mother!

  12. Safe to play around with gold until just about mid-September.  October first, gold either skyrockets or the bottom falls out.  Gold market is way too tied to Chinese currency and economy at this point and only gets worse on October 1st. of 2016.  Gold is a great investment, but what currency will be left to redeem it in?  Think about it.

  13. Gee there's gambling going on in them casinos. No crash, just endless stagnation as you get poorer, just like Japan. And it can go longer than you think. Sure we might get a minor 10% drop in the S&P, but a buying opportunity. Banks can never go broke, they just print more money. The crash will only come when people revolt, until then … slow decline of stagnation.

  14. funny how everyone says to buy gold when most people have less than $700 in savings! rigged is right!

  15. Good! I hope all the world markets crash and all these corrupt "leaders" are no longer making decisions for us. People have to take back what the rich steal from the regular people! People are asleep and let the elites do what they want. let it crash! let the people wake up and become responsible for what and who leads their financial future.

  16. the people you mentioned have the keys to the printing press and are one of the man reason the dollar has lost value soros should be lock up for war crimes….research his part in what he did during hitler times…and bragged about it., they will jump in, announce it on the news , once followers and suckers jump in, next day it will drop in value…..after they announce it on the news, for example like you did ……he turns around and bet against the same stock..but they dont announce when he sales it or take a negative position on the same thing……he gets paid on the way in, while in, and on the way out with insider information….like you said fixed game….but martha stewart went to jail for it

  17. This man is pure EVIL!!!! I hate when they call him an American he is an American through marriage.

  18. this has been brewing for a while now, it may be closer than most realize, we'll see.

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