10 thoughts on “Dollar falling. Gold. Stocks. All the things I said are happening.”

  1. Mike, you never talked or explained yourself like that 20 years ago!!!!! Now you are the real deal!!!!!!!

  2. Mike, are you saying rate hikes are inflationary which means will weaken the dollar,& drive up inflation, & this inflation will find their way into the commodities market ? so if this is true should we sell Bonds & sell out of the stock market & buy commodities,& forex?
    what impact are we looking at regarding stocks? ENT's? ETF's etc. bearish stocks bullish commodities?

  3. Hey ,Mike if rate hikes Fed Fund Rates higher rates weaken the dollar ,& cause inflation will at some point the fed will lower rates in the case we see run a way inflation 70's style?Fed says their rate of inflation 2% when is too much inflation too much,

  4. Will fiscal stimulus, higher interest rates bring down the dollar and the stockmarket but push up commodities and consumer prices? Im new to trading so please don't mock me lol.

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