Canadian small business owners pushes back over Liberals proposed tax changes

Canadian small business owners pushes back over Liberals proposed tax changes
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Canadian small business owners pushes back over Liberals proposed tax changes

18 thoughts on “Canadian small business owners pushes back over Liberals proposed tax changes”

  1. So the liberals think they can recoup 250 million bucks by taxing Canadian citizens more but have no problem giving away 620 million dollars for abortions in Africa. I wonder how many farm families and doctors in small towns will have to pay for the next ten million dollar settlement to the next terrorist like omar kahder?

    This governments a joke. Thank you to all those pot heads out there for this great gift.

  2. let me ask the question in reverse. Why should you receive preferred treatment and a lower tax rate than the rest of us. it is our disposable income that makes us the customers you rely on in your business for one; and for two it will only affect those who incorporate and have a higher income than you claim. That seems to mean that as long as you get more, the rest of us can go without. That does not seem all that fair from my point of view.

  3. Most government's would want to increase the amount of tax paying businesses , not try to milk the life out of existing business , I would suspect a hidden agenda. No politician would want to kill off business this way unless he was getting paid to do so.

  4. I was reading through the 2016 Capital Gains guide from CRA, they introduced a stupid partial capital gain tax in 2016 for selling a home that is not principal residence of the owner based on the number of years that home is principal residence out of the total number of years he owned the house, it will be a principal residence for that year if any time of the year the owner or his spouse or children lived in it ( meaning of living is holding a drivers license with that address?, any owner can fake that ).

  5. Canadian government is doing more stupid things in the last 2 decades. simply reducing the small business corporate tax to 9.5% is not enough, the savings out of that money are eroding by the new taxing system taking the interest and portfolio income out of small business deduction by imposing 38.5% tax is barbaric. If their aim is to increase revenues tax the capital gains selling the principal residence, because this became a lucrative business without risks in 4 major cities in Canada due to inflation and housing crisis. If still short tax gambling and lotto earnings ( these incomes tripled in last 2 decades and signification revenues are going out of tax bracket ). Canada introduced 12 tax credits like children fitness and arts tax credit, public transit and many more which cannot be administered thoroughly for every tax payer, better remove them.

  6. Trudeau is out to destroy canada like obama did to the us for the last 8 years. if we the people do not stop this meat head we are going to be in serious trouble.

  7. Trudeau and Morneau talk about the middle class but they are very rich men. Neither have had to do a job they hate, or get up in the morning to go to a job they don't fancy. It is a case of do as I say and not as I do. Add this to the insult Canadians must feel over the massive debt Trudeau is piling on in our name and how he wastefully spends it on things that do nothing for Canada. If this tax is going to add $250M to the tax coffers, that seems like nothing at all when compared to what he has given away already, or spent on pet projects. Who is Trudeau working for? Certainly NOT those that voted for him.

  8. Canada if you want the U.S to help, go to Niagara and hold up signs in support for our President.

  9. You cannot afford to give your farm to the kids.
    They'll pay 50% tax for it… but a foreigner gets your land for free.
    Vote Trudeau !

  10. Globalist Islamist Allahusnackbar Justiny Jihadi TrueDOPE Castro must tax Canadians to death so he can keep financing all his illegal criminals as potential voters for him and his Globalist Libtarded Communist party

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