Canada is prepared to relook at, revise NAFTA: Canadian Cabinet member

Canada is prepared to relook at, revise NAFTA: Canadian Cabinet member
Canadian Public Safety Minister and former Finance Minister Ralph Goodale on trade tensions with President Trump.

Canada is prepared to relook at, revise NAFTA: Canadian Cabinet member

19 thoughts on “Canada is prepared to relook at, revise NAFTA: Canadian Cabinet member”

  1. man amercian news keeps bringing up dairy but not the list of stuff that amercia has thats 200% and above tariffs for us like tobbaco…

  2. Canada 🇨🇦 s not even at the table over NAFTA.
    Tell us how they could possibly be working towards….something?

  3. You guys made proposals? You mean the ones that Trudeau stuff with social policies?

  4. Fuck Canada cut them loose and move on we have bigger fish 🎣 to fry like China 🇨🇳, India 🇮🇳, North Korea 🇰🇵, Japan 🇯🇵 we don’t have time for your Mickey Mouse economy !

  5. Dude kept dodging the question because Canada wants to tariff everyone else why not paying others tarrifs

  6. i have a proposition for Trump administration if the trade negotiation goes nowhere with Canada Justin Trudeau administration. the 21 October 2019 will be hold the 43rd Canadian general election. Trump should make the deal he wish to sign public (free trade, zero tariff) ready to sign. 6 to 12 month before Canadian election. Ask the Canadian people to vote someone who will sign that deal then set a date as a deadline, if the people don't put someone who will sign that trade deal, the USA stop all trade with Canada on the deadline and end NAFTA. Its the only way for Canada representative to destroy the dairy cartel. If public opinion vote on it. The cartel pay all political parties in canada. Its the only way to make it happens !

  7. Goodale and Ford will likely resolve the NAFTA dispute. I think Goodale and Ford are going on a trade mission into the states soon

  8. What will your naftie do for you when the ground is all lava..?

    What the hell's wrong with Canada's government.. You don't know everything.. It's allowing its kook authorities to torture intellectual elderly innocents for fun and sport.. Canada's so called authorities have been torturing me since Feb.10/2010 with a little ringing device they forced into my ear, and block its removal, which they use to cause me pain and sleep deprivation daily.. They haven't told me why they are torturing me.. I suppose its an adolescent libido thing..? I suppose it's how they get their bully nuts off..? Stop torturing me, and the planet will stop falling apart, and the volcanoes, quakes, and sinkholes will stop.. Kill me, and dragon bites down, and this planet is a meteorite field.. I made soul to soul communion with the planet.. We are one.. Canada is messing with something much bigger than just a silly little planet.. You are suiciding your species to play bully.. Did you mindless cocaine-saturated brain-damaged soulless meat apes cum yet..?

    Mr. Trump, would you kindly request Trudeau to have his insane goonies stop torturing me..? You owe me sir.. I helped you kill four wars, and got most of the cokehead kooks off your back.. It's that, or learn how to swim in lava.. I don't care either way.. I have the rest of life.. You don't…

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