Former bank CEO slams Trump's handling of China trade tension

Former bank CEO slams Trump's handling of China trade tension

Former Wells Fargo CEO Richard Kovacevich on the potential impact of the mounting trade tensions with China and the debate over capitalism versus socialism.

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Former bank CEO slams Trump's handling of China trade tension

18 thoughts on “Former bank CEO slams Trump's handling of China trade tension

  1. Of course bank people are going to be against Trump.
    The bankers stand to lose the most in both wealth and CONTROL!

  2. Economy is not everything. Political responsibility towards God and then to men is paramount. Fear Him and He will bless USA greatly.

  3. Fox just proving as always that there paid opposition. There several easy arguments to push back on this guy with and they instead just let him dribble on.

  4. Ok, so the banks needed a bailout, these financial geniuses, but this guy criticizes thinks he knows best? I'm sorry, I'll let Trump go on doing what he does best and it can't get any worse than losing US jobs to a country that puts toxic crap in their own citizens baby formula and sells cheap crap in all the stores here.

  5. Both Greenspan and this banker are idiots. Bank CEO for ten years and stopped when the crash came… Yeah real smart idiot

  6. Greenspan was the problem!!! Typical globalist for us to hand over our wealth for short term greed! 🖕

  7. Might be bad,,, for the bankers. But China needs the US dollar. They have a lot of product and if we aren't buying being their biggest market they are the one's who lose. And they have been screwing the US in trade long enough. So keep going president Trump

  8. So many politicians in office for years and have done nothing. Look at nyc and California. Stop criticizing everything he does. Let Trump be Trump, he will shock you.

  9. Democrats are like chickens they know if they stick their necks out they'll get their head chopped off.

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