Democrat Rep. details party conference call on Mueller report

Democrat Rep. details party conference call on Mueller report

On ‘Fox & Friends,’ Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna says Congress should not pursue impeachment right now but President Trump does need to be held accountable and further investigated. #FoxandFriends #FoxNews

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Democrat Rep. details party conference call on Mueller report

17 thoughts on “Democrat Rep. details party conference call on Mueller report

  1. When the liberal said at the end "I think we need to hold the President accountable" he must have been refering to his earlier comment that Obama was President when the Russians hacked the state dept and dnc… Because President Trump did not Collude and 2 years of democrat paid for lies againat him to force a quiet Coup of President Trump WILL MEAN THAT WE HOLD ALL DNC AND RINO ACCOMPLICES ACCOUNTABLE ! 😠

  2. If by “Russian interference” he means: CIA, NSA, DNI, FBI & DOJ, then yeah, there was a shitload of interference.

  3. They’re the collusion in insuring Mr Trump will win yet another election. God uses our enemies against themselves and they don’t even see it.

  4. Your president is accountable ,,,! ,,,,for what ?
    I granted the courage for this senator to come up front at Fox ….but his rhetoric is following the agenda of a debunked party.

  5. I get a real clear view of what’s really going on in social media by knowing what the kids of today are seeing and hearing on a constant basis!! It’s alarming!!
    Every adult should spend 10 minutes with a teen on social media. Only then do I think we can really see how infected it all is with Democratic push and anti-Trump agenda! It’s appalling how badly social media is pulling so much Republican videos, ads, Christian opinions and education, and pushing Democratic Socialism at them 24/7. Worse yet, it’s wrapped in a program that began by infiltrating our public school systems years ago and just about every democratic governmental program thereafter, and is now trying to entice the next generation, and this younger generation, with anti-trump and free for all lies.
    Think about the power of a mime to these youngsters! A two-second mime played over and over again can shape our kids thinking if we aren’t careful to teach them what’s really going on!
    Social media isn’t just a social media. It’s run by Socialists!
    Listen to your kids. Spend time seeing what they see. If you can, pull them out of the public schools for a year to homeschool, even if to just detach from the whole mainstream garbage! First, they will actually begin to think for themselves and learn! Then you, the caregiver or parent may get the biggest education of all simply by seeing what’s really going on in their world of social media 24/7. It’s an outrage and I Thank President Trump for calling out Facebook, Twitter, and some others on their total biased, left wing agenda. It’s dangerous and saturating our kids! We parents need to be aware, then teach the younger generation and the kids a balance on these subjects.

  6. Pelosi cheapens the word "facts" …when she uses it, she makes it mean anything that the Democrats say is a "fact".

  7. How about getting better Network Security or is this the narrative to push for better cyber security?

  8. 3:05 Hold the president accountable for what? For NOT colluding? Or for surviving the Demonrats malicious illegal coup attempt, because actually that's "what happened".

  9. HOLD the Democrats accountable for an investigation propagated by biased people in the fbi&cia.


  11. So, let me see if I got this straight… They want to hold the President accountable for something that allegedly happened when he WAS NOT yet President? Am I on the right track here?

  12. Your not black.Who and what the hell are you boy? What place at the end of the earth did you come from?

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