15th April 2019 TV5 News Business Breakfast

15th April 2019 TV5 News Business Breakfast

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15th April 2019 TV5 News Business Breakfast

7 thoughts on “15th April 2019 TV5 News Business Breakfast

  1. No problem. We are living in society. Review on Society related matter is also reflects countries economic and shows the image of countries position in world.

  2. Previously I was big fan of u sir . But last one year u r changed. And directly supporting to one so. Single party. It’s not fair. And u r suggesting people to don’t watch business breakfast in the starting. Meeru yinthaga dhigajaaripothaaru anukoledhu

  3. EVMs electrical devices so, commonly some device not working properly. whats wrong ? dont do issue, బాబు గారుకి ఎ సమస్య వస్తే మీకు అదే సమస్య వస్తది. అది ప్రజల సమస్య అంతారు , ప్రజలు వెరీ వెరీ హ్యాపీ విత్ vvpats అండ్ ఎలక్షన్ , dont worry

  4. Not understanding what problem was in this election.. Yes some EVMs were not worked initially but after some time it was started right.. In last elections also same evm system but they did not fight against on evm system that was my question

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