Bitcoin Price – Is this a Bottom? Technical Analysis Jan 12th 2018

Bitcoin Price – Is this a Bottom? Technical Analysis Jan 12th 2018
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1. CHRYSOS ICO $CHR (Phase 3 Started)
1 CHR = .25
hits exchange Jan 2018 @ usd – 38M. max coins

1 BITAI = .05c


3.LoopX Pre-ICO $LPX (Jan 3nd) : .70usd Failed 1st round
Hits external exchanges Feb 2018 -10m max coin supply

*BitconnectX ICO (Jan 9th): $ 50.= non-us investers only Max Supply 41m coins)
1round sold out

I’ve purchased:
Still in ICO BitAI ICO: I got mine @ .75 (Now .95 still in last round ICO phase) 37m max coins


Now Lending(ICO over)

DAVORCOIN (initial ico price $DAV = $ .72) (Now listed) = / – 40m max coins

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Bitcoin Price - Is this a Bottom? Technical Analysis Jan 12th 2018