Billionaires Unloading Stocks for Gold After New Bill H.R. 5404 Backing US $ With Gold Standard

Billionaires Unloading Stocks for Gold After New Bill H.R. 5404 Backing US $ With Gold Standard
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BIll H.R. 5404 US Dollar, New Gold Standard Bill

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Billionaires Unloading Stocks for Gold After New Bill H.R. 5404 Backing US $ With Gold Standard

13 thoughts on “Billionaires Unloading Stocks for Gold After New Bill H.R. 5404 Backing US $ With Gold Standard”

  1. Herr Trump silver dollars? Kissing der boot that kicks you….again and again rex… n silver is fine. Guns n meds even better…..

  2. So he gives all the doom and gloom predictions (same as 25 years ago) that he KNOWs is going to come; stock market crash, super inflation, run on the banks, the sky is falling etc….then at the end he says he HOPES none of it happens – WHAT? Double speak. Au is limited supply? To whom? Holy smokes what a farce but I had to sit through it because I'm working on a new Masterpiece. Don't forget you blow 20% upon the purchase and resale of any Au bullion from spot. And he advises everyone to get more monetary equity for their investments?? Go figure.

    However, suppose you had 50lbs of Au with a debit card laying right next to it: Which one would the hamburglar take? Debit cards are more efficiant than Au or BitCoin. Oh, one really big issue that if I may educate the experts who never figured this out – Fiat currency is backed by the MILITARY! DUH! (Ref. Am. Civil War, WWI, WWII.) I love fiat currency. The only backing BitCoin has is a pile of burned out graphics cards and all the hours spent frying them. LOL

  3. …OH, LORD JESUS,…..
    …ACT OF APOST. 2:1,….

  4. yeah i did some research on mining and i think it is the future. like mining hashtags… GTFO!

  5. How about if the internet is gone..where is bit count will electricity..what then??

  6. Lugging around all that gold is a pain in the ass weighing down my car and led to back problems.My neighbors are getting suspicious of me carrying crates into the house in the middle of the night.I’ve stacked all my kitchen cabinets since closet space was used up quickly.Attic gets to hot in summer so will melt.Car should be empty by end of the week hopefully.🏅🏅💰💰

  7. It will never happen! Short gold, don't be a fool. Only thing I heard true was the stock market would crash. Two words, margin call. What do you think people liquidate to cover these losses, their winners.

  8. In the 1800's they had the General store. The person that paid you to work was also the only person in that area that could take the paper you worked for in exchange for good from his store. Gold is exchangeable everywhere. The value of goods and services would be value based on the amount of gold in circulation just like dollars. Except you cant easily inflate and deflate the value like you can fiat. You also have more social and economical mobility.

  9. Why are people so fucking stupid? There will be no trade wars all Trump is doing is get other countries to drop there tariffs on us. They drop there tariffs we drop ours it's not hard to under stand. Contrary to what some dumb ass think's countries like China, Canada the European union and others that place ridiculously high tariffs on American goods will submit to Trump's demands period end of story they need us more than we need them.

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