Aurora Cannabis Obtains Health Canada Approval⚡Marijuana Stocks News⚡

Aurora Cannabis Obtains Health Canada Approval⚡Marijuana Stocks News⚡
Aurora Cannabis Obtains Health Canada Approval⚡Marijuana Stocks News⚡

Here I am once again deep into news websites, another day another good news about the cannabis industry and our favorite marijuana company over here at baby.

I am talking about Aurora Cannabis, yesterday we read an article about Canopy Growth receiving a license from Health Canada that increased their national footprint if you missed that one definitely head over to check it out!
But anyways for today we’ve Aurora Cannabis on the menu.

Aurora Cannabis Obtains Health Canada Approval for Softgel Capsule Production at Aurora Vie Facility and launches CanniMed Capsules!

This is big news, that is going to make Aurora Cannabis the leader of a small niche in the cannabis market but anyways you’re about to find out.

So, what’s special about this first paragraph actually is, besides the news off course, is that the company Aurora Cannabis is going to be working with, Capcium, is not just a regular partner of the company but instead Aurora Cannabis owns a 19.99% percent of the company. It’s almost always like that with Aurora Cannabis, if they work with someone, like for example the companies in Germany or Australia or South America, they don’t just partner with the company they try to buy the company and they almost always succeed to own around 20% stake of the companies that they work with, so Aurora Cannabis is not just a small company working with other to create finished products, Aurora Cannabis does it all by its self, and because of that it always comes first, so if there is a production fault and machineries start working slower for example, Capcium will HAVE to produce Aurora’s capsules first, which is just another protection in the strategy of the management.

So why is this a game changer, well because not everybody likes to walk around smoking weed al day we still live in the 21 first century and it’s still a taboo, but still there are a lot of people out there that are in pain and can be helped by cannabis, so some of them still smoke cannabis for pain relief, but then comes the other problem with that is that when smoking you don’t know exactly how your brain is going to react to the THC and (btw to make it clear for a second, I am not a consumer of weed in none shape or forms, it is indeed a common misconception because we do talk a lot about cannabis investing on this channel, but let’s just keep that clear for second) so besides not knowing how your brain will react you also don’t know how long the effect will work on you, and with other pain killers, doctors usually do know, so if you for example had a surgery the doctor said that you could take pain killers every 4 hours, and that is because they know exactly how long those pills will work on you, but that’s not the case with medical cannabis. So this is indeed a game changer that will bring a lot of paying customers to the company, people that wanted to be helped by cannabis but didn’t wanted to actually smoke it, and doctors that wanted to help their patients but didn’t wanted to prescribe weed can now just prescribe capsules and with Aurora being the first one to do this they are now automatically the leader of this small niche of the cannabis market, and the companies that help Aurora Cannabis produce that are owned by Aurora Cannabis itself so there is no danger for those companies to start selling to other players in the market.

Aurora Cannabis is in our opinion working very hard to become the best marijuana stock out there so we are super excited to see how this goes down.

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Aurora Cannabis Obtains Health Canada Approval⚡Marijuana Stocks News⚡