Are FAANG Stocks Overhyped and Overpriced? | Phil Town

Are FAANG Stocks Overhyped and Overpriced? | Phil Town
Are FAANG stocks the best to invest in? Or, are FAANG companies overpriced? In this video I talk about the 5 big Tech companies that are being invested in heavily over the past few years and whether or not I think they’re a solid Rule #1 investment.

The FAANG stocks include; Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google.

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Are FAANG Stocks Overhyped and Overpriced? | Phil Town

15 thoughts on “Are FAANG Stocks Overhyped and Overpriced? | Phil Town”

  1. What interests you about FAANG stocks? Do you think FAANG stocks fit the Rule #1 style of investing?

  2. Appl has averaged 50% return over the past 13 years…. it started 10 years after Steve Jobs returned and the iPhone was introduced.

    $5k invested would be over $1M today.
    Cut 5 years off that period and drop $50k in appl today!

  3. This guy says index funds is bad and you should learn to invest, I bet he does not even perform better then index long term. Just trash talk. I want him to show me his average yearly return the last 15-20 years and stop with this bs. Evidence first then talking. He is not Warren Buffett and even Warren do have a hard time beating index in this fast changing world. You can not predict the future it gets harder and harder. So stop your bs and tell me you just want to earn money to invest in index funds,blue chip stocks with dividends or real estate from your bs content

  4. I recently checked out the competitors around Google and I was surprised it doesn't have the best search algorithm of all. Will that other algorithm breach its moat? It surely did in some countries.

  5. Amazon is over priced… not buying, google is high too, but it’s products are “smarter” than amazon’s. Buying apple and fb..

  6. FANG was originally Facebook, Amazon, Netflix & Google because for a while those were the only four stocks moving around the major indices.

    Apple was added later since it fit nicely in FAANG and you could keep the same pronunciation, and technically right around that time Google became Alphabet but nobody wanted to say FAANA or FAAAN or FANAA or whatever that would be so they kept calling it Google.

  7. Look at Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A). Their 1 share valued at $300k as their business in whole is a composite of several sectors that they bought or invested. People said Amazon is overpriced but do they look at what sectors are they comprised of? People looked at a single company but forgot what diversification they are having. From book business, online retail, AWS and now wholefoods grocery and soon expanding to healthcare sector. I think the P/E ratio does not factored this in and it needs to be re-defined.

  8. The stocks discussed are huge names.
    I wouldn’t discourage anyone to buy these stocks at their current prices.
    However, I’d want people to buy these stocks in a staggered way.

    As in, if you intend to buy 100 stocks of Facebook, buy 10 today. Buy another 10 a month later. Another 10 a month later and so on.

    That way, you’re average price is going to remain very close to the current trading price- protects you from any correction that these overpriced stocks might possibly see.

    But, what if you don’t see a correction in the next 1 year? 😉
    You’ll have to thank me, ha 😝

  9. I tried to get Apple to look at my IP re: thinkORANGE(TM). I even met Agatha Bacelar in 2012 who now works as the Social Media Manager for Emerson Collective which was founded by Steve Jobs' wife – Laurene Powell-Jobs. So I wouldn't invest in Apple. I will invest in Amazon..since i admire Jeff Bezos. Amazon owns the publishing company that my books are published by.

  10. No doubt tech companies will continue to grow. Technology and social media develop at high speed. They affect nearly every aspect in our lives. These companies definitely meet the criteria as a Rule one investing stocks. How fast and how much they will continue to grow is hard to predict, but we can get a pretty good idea buy learning about the company (figuring out the meaning, moat, management, and margin of safety).

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