Apple Stock Has Fallen 20% and Dipped In A BEAR MARKET! Oil Dropped To $55!

Apple Stock Has Fallen 20% and Dipped In A BEAR MARKET! Oil Dropped To !







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Apple Stock Has Fallen 20% and Dipped In A BEAR MARKET! Oil Dropped To !

16 thoughts on “Apple Stock Has Fallen 20% and Dipped In A BEAR MARKET! Oil Dropped To $55!”

  1. Will tech shares lead the sell off in the next recession? Or will they be stronger than the average?

  2. Good job explaining oil prices. If you look deeper you will see that there are oil prices as low as $10 PB. The current oil market for a long time has been over valued partly because of the language being used. Higher oil prices are not better for anyone but producers and they have been controlling the price based upon their debt. The real market price for a barrel of oil has been around $20 for the last 20 years but that has not been reflected much until now. The oil wells on my ranch in Kansas were drilled 40 years ago and are still producing at a cost of about $3 per barrel. Some recently drilled wells are producing at a cost of about $12 per barrel. Right now we are selling our Eastern Kansas crude at about $45. In October we were selling at $60. We are expecting the price to go down to the low $30's to bring the worlds money back to our country before the reset. After the reset we expect oil to be at about $15 to $20 until everything recovers.

  3. Usually I come here for the truth….
    To be honest, today….
    I came because of the fanboy thumbnail. Just wanted to share the laugh!! Thanks DQ!

  4. Does this crash happen regularly ? Like every year shares fall ,then the week before Christmas they rise in to the new year oil fixed to come down but prices stay up until the new year then bang to get things moving they come down .

  5. Apple products are spying device linked to Israeli cybersecurity used to monitor every person with any Apple device. Israel and everything they are linked to is the enemy of all Freedom loving peoples.

  6. ..The system is used to steal land, businesses, and power from the people. They are taking everything from us with this debt slavery.
    The Rothschild are the main problems of the world. They have made their money by robbing everyone else of their wealth. They have done it through deceit and through fabrication of wars that they end up funding both sides of the war are always financially backed by the same people. The Rothschild banksters must be stripped off all of their wealth and distribute it world wide. It would solve every problem of the world in a nano second.


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