Announcing Yet Another New Penny Stock Millionaire Student

Announcing Yet Another New Penny Stock Millionaire Student
Read to see my newest millionaire student and go apply at to get mentored by my team of self-made millionaires and I as we aim to show you rules we learned over the years that can only help increase your odds of success in an industry where 90% of traders lose and so many people lie and pretend to be successful, despite not showing ALL their trades transparently…like my top students and I do 🙂

1:45 Next week we’re going to have a challenge orientation guide ready for you next week.

2:00 A few years ago my first two millionaire students hit the million dollar milestone within a few weeks of each other.

3:00 The coolest thing about all of my millionaire students is that we all share all of our trades publicly.

3:45 Another cool thing about me and my millionaire students is that we build our accounts the right way, it’s not the fastest way or the most exciting way, but it’s the right way for penny stocks.

5:00 This new student who just passed a million dollars has learned to be patient. That’s the best thing you can learn from him: patients.

6:00 There are many different ways to make money trading penny stocks. Be patient, learn and trade smart. You need to grow your small account first before you can work on becoming a millionaire.

7:20 My best students start with just a few thousand dollars, and they learn, study and slowly build their accounts. Slow and steady wins the race.

8:08 Get inspired by yet another millionaire student. I’m going to have more and more as my students are growing their accounts.

8:50 All of my students are self-sufficient. They have learned the rules of the stock market, and they have adapted.

9:45 Small gains add up over time. You need to have patience to grow your account. I don’t make the rules I try to teach them to you.

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Announcing Yet Another New Penny Stock Millionaire Student

18 thoughts on “Announcing Yet Another New Penny Stock Millionaire Student”

  1. I’m new to this, relatively speaking. I’ve just started following you and trying my absolute best to learn as much as I can.
    The million dollar club sounds very interesting but I’m still skeptical. How exactly do you go about getting in to the student section to become a millionaire.?

  2. How many non millionaires and non profitable students you have, will love to know the ratio

  3. I love how ur pic is a million. Cash strapped new hundreds straight from the bank buddy love the info thx

  4. It is good to see your video face to face as you communicate. It is going to be nice to see the popcorn when it really starts popping. Ha

  5. I just bought penny stocking silver! What else would i have got if i joined the challenge? What is the difference in the two products?

  6. On options: Folks buy too many contracts because they are much cheaper than the stock is. They don't consider bid/ask spreads or trading costs like commissions. They don't pay attention to volume. They will try and scalp options, but the spreads and commissions will eat them alive when they do lose. They don't even look at theta decay. Theta can kill a profitable trade very quickly. They don't look at delta. The delta is the leverage. The higher the delta, the more the option can move closer to the stock. The option leverage is never used the proper way by most new options traders, including myself at times. Just like trading a low float, fast moving penny stock, an option must go through some strict filters before it is even traded. Options are a double edged sword. They will move fast and hard in either direction. Folks should learn how to trade stocks profitably first before they even consider trading options.

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