8 Stocks That Could TRIPLE if Oil Breaks $100/Barrel

8 Stocks That Could TRIPLE if Oil Breaks 0/Barrel
In this video I have selected 8 stocks that I think could triple if oil breaks 0/barrel. We are not far from 0 as of writing this. The things to watch out for that could push oil to 0 are how much oil we lose from Iran and Venezuela and how much Saudi Arabia increases production to offset these losses. These three things will have huge implications to the price of oil and are very important to keep an eye on.

Of the stocks that I have selected they fit into three categories. There are American (not shale) companies that produce heavy (brent pricing) oil, OSD (off shore drilling) companies, and canadian heavy oil producers. Each of these sub categories are VERY different and you will see in the video that they have performed and will continue to perform very differently due to various issues.

I highly recommend checking out HFIR’s articles on seekingalpha as they have the best oil market analysis around.



8 Stocks That Could TRIPLE if Oil Breaks 0/Barrel