What penny stocks am I buying or shorting in june 2018, as always we trade biopharma penny stocks because we can predict the exact date they will spike in value. these are the top penny stocks to buy in 2018.

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plx @ June 2-5
zyme @june 1st
RNN @ june 2nd
VSTM @ june 4
CTMX @ june 4
IMGN@ june 4
ADAP @ june 4
afmd @ june 14-17

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Top 8 penny stocks to buy may 2018.

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17 thoughts on “8 PENNY STOCKS TO BUY JUNE 2018 (PART 1)”

  1. I’d love the course, I invested in a penny stock and it tanked to .02..I still can’t believe it lol 😂. Nvcn. I averaged down now I’m stuck until this POS does a RS which hold on to your hat 🎩 is 1/100…I have 19k in some people have 100k…give me some advice Zaid..I’m thinking to hold just before rs and wait on side lines cause I do believe in this company but financially they need to get their act together

  2. Honestly, frankly, I don't want you to give the course for free, people don't appreciate free stuff. Also, you deserve to get money. I would love to get it from you by paying you …(who agrees with me smash the like button ) i wish you the best Zaid

  3. Hey Brother! What trading site/software do you use to trade! Im ready to get into penny stocks. I am a US Citizen. is Robinhood any good?

  4. I have been following your advice since Feb! I've made money every time with no losses! I choose my stocks…do my research…keep up with them and so far so good! I'm ready to increase my investment amounts! Thanks so much!

  5. Hey Zaid, I’ve been watching your videos for a while but I haven’t traded yet because I want to learn as much as I can, so it would be awesome if you released that course for free!
    I also have a few questions, how do you know when to sell? Let’s imagine you buy 100 shares at 2,50$ and they release good news, do you expect it to go above 4$? Do you predict a % of rise?

  6. Hi Zaid. Cant wait for your course. Can you let me know where is the best to trade this penny stocks? (if your outside the us?) I tried to sign up to robinhood but I have to be a us citizen

  7. Hey said big fan. What is a good premarket postmarked online broker I can use

  8. I watch alot of you tube videos about the stock market but you the only one i believe that's real and speak the truth

  9. i watch your videos all the time if you do teach i want to sign up im in the usa disabled ,i get offerers to join places they want so much money.and how do you know you will learn anything.most dont have a money back.also i want to learn how to trade options,i did put my email on here before,how do i get my question answered take care cheramie

  10. Looking forward to learning more from you brother. Watching your videos with my wife to get her away from that damn desk job!♥️💪

  11. I have been researching this for a couple of hours. Why did the Laura Ashley retailer shares, symbol: ALY jump +35% today? There is absolutely no news at all out there, and recent historic news is not good reading. Does not make sense. Large trade today from someone with knowledge of something we don't know?

  12. FCSC was up 65% today
    Ebio 20% something yesterday
    VVUS 25% ish yesterday

    How come no one talks about these

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