$5,000 Loss Day Trading Stocks Live | Chopped Out Bad!

,000 Loss Day Trading Stocks Live | Chopped Out Bad!
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,000 Loss Day Trading Stocks Live | Chopped Out Bad!

12 thoughts on “$5,000 Loss Day Trading Stocks Live | Chopped Out Bad!”

  1. I don't see any particular bad trade or revenge trade here. I don't understand why people react this way. We lose and win. Losing is always part of the game.

  2. Really appreciate your transparency here, Conner. Most professional traders would not show a 5k loss. I learn a lot from your loss vids as much as I do your profit vids. Happens to the best of us and you'll kill it next time.

  3. Thanks for being so open and honest with us!!! You show us the good and the bad. Your still up. Get back on that horse. Can't wait to see your next video of you make that 5k right back! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Why were u shorting AMD bro! Don’t you know people mine bitcoin what that? Just trolling man, u have a new subscriber

  5. You can probably make it all back in VXX here in the next two days. Amazon just broke a key support on a daily basis. If we don't see a reversal tomorrow- it'll take the QQQ's with it. /ES just filled a Bat Pattern after hours. Sounds like a made up crock of shit, I know, but Harmonic Patterns are a real thing- just typically traded by the Euro-guys in Forex.

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