500% stock market gains – WITH BROKERAGE STATEMENT PROOF – via day trading, in about 4 weeks

500% stock market gains - WITH BROKERAGE STATEMENT PROOF - via day trading, in about 4 weeks
Daniel Thomas is a daytrader (day trader) who specializes in analyzing technical stock trends, patterns, and indicators, then applying his analysis to buying and selling stocks (mostly intraday). Though Daniel takes a “long” position almost daily, a large majority of his day trades are of the shorting stock variety.

The videos Daniel puts together are:
1) Largely intended to be used as a personal journal (for Daniel Thomas), where he documents various day trades (sometimes swing trades), for personal reflection. Daniel firmly believes that one of the best ways to fix mistakes, and/or weaknesses, is to face them head on; and recording videos of his stock market blunders is his preferred method for self-accountability (you can’t hide from a weakness that you’re forced to see). On the flip side, it’s always good to review some of our strengths as well, so recording all trades (not just the losing variety) enables Daniel to identify both his strengths, and weaknesses, when it comes to applying technical analysis to the stock market in a day-trading fashion.

2) NEVER intended to be used as financial advice. Daniel is NOT qualified to give financial advice, and as such — would never do so. There have been countless times where Daniel has had to ignore email questions/chat/etc., because traders are asking his opinion on the future direction of a stock. The reality is, Daniel shares perspective with the likes of Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, and many other great traders/investors, in that — the only person any of us should trust (with regards to “advice” on the stock market) is the person staring back at us in the mirror. And if the person in the mirror doesn’t know how to personally trade the stock market, they should: a) acquire an education on the art/skill of trading/investing, before getting personally involved, b) develop said skill through an abundance of practice (preferably in a simulator; such as the one DAS Trader Pro provides), and c) avoid trading with money they cannot afford to lose. If a person lacks the time/money to meet these prerequisites, and/or wants “legitimate” financial advice — they should really consult a certified financial advisor, and/or someone who is legally qualified to give such advice.

3) For educational purposes ONLY. Daniel makes his day trading videos public, because he thinks that other traders can see his successes/failures, and open their minds to what he calls, “the bigger picture.” There are 1,000 ways to trade the stock market, just like there are 1,000 ways to swing a golf club. Daniel believes that individual traders can benefit by watching the strengths/weaknesses of other day-traders, and though it would be nearly impossible to successfully replicate any trader’s strategy(ies) (or any golfer’s swing), watching a “bigger picture” of the stock market, and a trader’s day within, will undoubtedly add to the education/wisdom of any person pursuing personal development in applicable arenas.

Favorite technical patterns and trading strategies:
-Head & shoulders
-Descending triangles, Ascending triangles
-Moving average cross-overs (including the use of VWAP)
-HOD/LOD, premarket high/low
-bull flags, bear flags
-gap & go; gap fill
-Daniel’s self-proclaimed “levels in space” day trading strategy

Favorite authors on topic: William O’Neil, Edwin Lefevre, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, Mark Douglas, Toni Turner, Andrew Aziz, Ross Cameron.

Trading Platform: DAS Trader Pro
Brokers: Capital Markets Elite Group (CME), Interactive Brokers, Fidelity, (will never use SureTrader again)
Favorite Traders: Jessie Livermore (lol), Andrew Aziz, everybody in the book “Market Wizards,” and much respect for Ross Cameron, Nate, Sykes, and more…
Equipment: Acer 38″ ultra-wide gaming monitor, HP IPS 23″ monitors, Dell Inspiron 17″ laptop, AOC portable usb-powered monitors (travel station), Uplift sit/stand desk, gaming keyboard, J5 create USB-HDMI splitters, Logitech mouse.
Scanners: Trade Ideas pro, Benzinga Pro, FinViz
Chat room: BearBullTraders
YouTube Channel: Daniel Thomas (danwaytho)
StockTwits profile: Tradersmakemoneybothways

Promo Code for CME (broker): CMEGDANIELTHOMAS

BA & MBA – Fresno State
Vocational (Firefighter, Pharmacy technician, Hazmat specialist, Real Estate)
Soldier – US Army

500% stock market gains – WITH BROKERAGE STATEMENT PROOF – via day trading, in about 4 weeks

12 thoughts on “500% stock market gains – WITH BROKERAGE STATEMENT PROOF – via day trading, in about 4 weeks”

  1. Love your stuff, Daniel. You do inspire me to become better especially financially for my family. I’ve been a sponge to all of your knowledge and want to say thank you. Hopefully one day I’ll be a profitable trader as well!

  2. Again, another great video! I appreciate you taking the time to put this stuff out there, because on each and every video there's always at least a lesson taken (at lest for me). The lessons either come from your perspective and reasoning on why you got in and out of a trade, or some other psychological stuff, which it seems to be right on point. It's very true when you state that each and every trader needs to take responsibility for their actions, and follow their own instincts, and I can vouch for that based on the fact that every time I ended my day on a red note, it was because I allowed myself to be influenced by the opinions of others, and not what I was seeing in front of me, and interesting enough, the moment I decided to trust myself, the tide changed for the better. As for the chatroom, if I may, I think that it will add additional pressure on you, thus playing with your mind and probably clouding your ability to perform. I'm currently subscribed to a couple of chats, and the runners themselves have admitted to the pressure/obligation they feel to trade and perform well every single day. What you are doing is working for you, and for us, and if ppl don't like, oh well, too bad for them. Like that old saying "Why change a team that is winning every game?". Thanks for taking the time, and enjoy the weekend my friend.

  3. I've watched Ross do his $500 challenge about three times over. He never goes into detail like this and the way he shows his trades (after the end of the day) it can easily be done on a paper trading account. So I don't buy his shit for a minute. But here you are with 100% proof of all your trades. I'll probably be re-watching all of your videos as I build up the cash to start my own account up with CME.

  4. Hey Daniel. Another great video. This one especially good. More of a inspirational/motivational sort for me this time.

    Ive been studying for about 9 months. Simulator from Jan thru Mar, then live April 1st. Its very tough. Im on my 4th account now. First 3 blown up on the low floater small caps. I just cant seem to win trading those stocks. I kinda see it as a right of passage. BUT still its tough to see your hard earned money just fade away.

    Started my 4th account this week with only $1600 and trying to build it $50 at a time. Very hard when you only have 4:1 leverage and keeping the losses small. Its not like I can afford to take a couple $100 loss and still be ok. Thats a huge dent. I know its gonna be slow, but I gotta make it work. Watching this video proves it can be done.

    I think im gonna start recording my trades like you did. I know when im in a bad trade about as soon as I get in one, but need to see what im doing or what i see so i can stop getting in them. Like today, was up almost $100 on $MU short. Then gave it back on $RKDA looking for a squeeze and $TWTR reversal. Ended red on the day $16. Anyways, maybe recording my trades will make me more accountable. I need something.

    If you have any tips, let me know.

    Sorry for the long comment. Just kinda helps talking about some frustrations. Have a good day off tomorrow. Hope to see some more videos next week.

  5. Hey Daniel, how are you able to trade premarket with CMEG? I'm using that same broker and tried trading premarket but it wouldn't let me. Is it a platform configuration I could do, or do I need to contact CMEG?

  6. Your channel is great and has valuable content. Don't bother with chat rooms or other nonsense. The more people do that stuff the less legit they seem.

    I personally like the live trading segments and real time commentary on the expected direction of the stock being watched. I also appreciate the often conflicted opinion and the emotional struggle that you capture. That type of drama is lost when most traders do their recaps and it's hard to appreciate how the development of critical candles can so drastically impact your psyche.

    Anyway, I certainly appreciate your videos. I would like to see you try more longs, maybe. Also there are a bunch of times you very confidently and correctly call a direction change based on a seemingly small event. It would be cool if you could some how capture some of these as a series of lessons….

  7. I see CME credited your $115.00 platform fee back on July 01. Pretty good, Suretrader doesn't do that do, they?

  8. I’ve been a sub for a couple months now. I look forward to your daily live trading recaps. It’s the best I’ve seen on YouTube… it allows me to see you ride the emotional highs and lows and makes me a better trader….and calm down. Btw, I do like the longer videos. Don’t apologize for the extended time.
    Thanks again!!!

  9. Your perspective has really helped me. Personally, I have more of a long-biased mindset. I now find myself thinking what would Daniel Thomas be doing here; in terms of being more short-biased. I've noticed it has really helped even my thought process out at being able to step away from the biases, and moreover, I have noticed a significant improvement in results since I've started watching your recaps despite our difference in our approach to the market (long vs short bias). I've been telling anyone that will listen about your channel bud. Hope your on your way to an awesome new house soon and can put those back wrenching hotel tables behind you hah!

  10. Am down $38k still have 26k in account. You think I can make it back after I grind out all your videos?

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