$150,000 on Micron – MU Stock and Options

0,000 on Micron - MU Stock and Options
Haven’t made any big moves since earlier this year. I’m mostly invested in a basket of U.S. and Chinese tech stocks, plus U.S. financials and SPY (essentially the S&P 500).

Micron caught my attention as due to it’s huge growth over the past year – yet it’s price to earnings is still less than half the average of S&P 500 companies. If it can maintain its profit margins (analysts are split on whether or not it will), the company is easily worth double its current price.

Of course, anything can happen so I don’t give stock recommendations, and this is not exception. There’s a good chance the option portion of this bet goes to . Check back soon for an update.

0,000 on Micron – MU Stock and Options

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  1. What specific US and Chinese tech stocks are you holding? BIDU, TCEHY, IQIYI, BABA, FAANG, NVDA?

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