🛢 Stock market held back by strong oil selloff | The Closing Beat 🎶

🛢 Stock market held back by strong oil selloff | The Closing Beat 🎶
Every day when the stock market closes we update our clients and subscribers about the important or interesting things that moved the stock market and your retirement investments. We leave the opinion out…mostly. Our goal is to educate briefly on what moved the stock markets, what may be coming up, and how your investments, or retirement portfolio may have been impacted by the day’s news.

Here’s a look at what investors were focused on today:
The markets traded in a wild range today, trading higher at some points and closing the day mixed. The Dow 30 was lower by 100, the S&P 500 closed lower on the day by 4, and the Nasdaq 100 closed flat on the day.

Sector News
Oil was lower yet again today and is now lower for the last 12 days which marks the longest losing streak ever by the commodity. Losses now total more than 30% since hitting a high back in September. With the higher output from OPEC as well as Russia and others, in addition to the increased output and supply here in the U.S, prices continue to be under pressure. Additionally, President Trump said that OPEC should not have made the production cuts for December.
Semiconductors attempted to recover some of yesterday’s declines with a rally of about 1.5%. Names like Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD) and Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) among others enjoyed a modest day of recovery. The semiconductors as still one of the under performers recently with losses of about 5% on the year.
Stock News
Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) made headlines today as the company has confirmed reports that it picked New York City and Northern Virginia as it’s new location for divided headquarters. The company said they will build office space for 25,000 in the locations. They expect to spend about billion to achieve this and expects to get about billion in tax credits with plans to apply for more.
Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) continues to see weakness as the Prime Minister of Malaysia says the bank “cheated” the country and demanded that the bank give back the fees it collected when working with one of their funds. Shares are at their lowest levels in two years and are now lower by about 20% on the year.
Boeing (NYSE: BA) shares were lower today as the Wall Street Journal reported that the company withheld information associated with hazards in the automated stall prevention system on the new 737 MAX 8 as well as the MAX 9 jets. The recent crash in Indonesia has many looking at that system as one of the reasons for the accident.

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🛢 Stock market held back by strong oil selloff | The Closing Beat 🎶

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  1. I love that way you don't share the spot light with the rest of the Jazz Wealth team – you get all the shine! That's the way i would do it. I 💖 oil prices going down. Cheap gas baby!

  2. It's not just Amazon. Even our company cannot find tech related talents. We went as far as hiring high school students. Most tech company in bay area are opening second offices.

  3. I’m about to cut my losses and get out of the market for good…. this is ridiculous I’ve yet to make a dime in 6 months with my mutual funds… I’m negative $1,500 … even if it goes back and keeps climbing it’s not worth the stress…. I’d be $1,500 richer if I would have never walked into Edward Jones, and Xmas is coming.

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