🚩 How to Prepare for the Approaching Stock Market CRASH

🚩 How to Prepare for the Approaching Stock Market CRASH
Today tech stocks suffered their largest one day drop in 7 years and the overall stock market had its worst day since February. It appears that stocks will drop again on Thursday. What’s going on – and how should YOU prepare for the coming collapse?




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🚩 How to Prepare for the Approaching Stock Market CRASH

19 thoughts on “🚩 How to Prepare for the Approaching Stock Market CRASH”

  1. China already has a trillion dollar in treasury deposits in stock exchange, they can crash US economy, within five minutes, let india strengthen its defensive capabilities against china (even though they are buying russian S400 systems)

  2. Jake, The people in new Orleans were deprived of their right to defend themselves when the military came and took these peoples guns.

  3. Poor people have always been better at having nothing🤔 just sayin. Wood heater and a well here. I go to bed at dark in the winter🤔👍 Katrina??

  4. We just don't know where the market, with all of its iron linked manipulation. is going. Since 'THEY' short, long or just plain HFT and spoof, the average investors are like baby lambs at a werewolf convention.

  5. And what if the currency gets massively devalued? Should we invest in homes or gold or silver or guns?

  6. Awesome! That’s the first time I’ve heard what NASDAQ stands for! Appreciate the breakdown. Also for meds, while it’s ideal to have a stock of your regular medications, it’s good, if you can only get limited quantities, to get supplements that can be taken as replacements for them should you have to. For example, 5htp can be used as a replacement for many antidepressants in a pinch, fish antibiotics for the regular ones (in a real emergency), red rice yeast and others for cholesterol meds, cinnamon capsules for diabetes, etc. Some of them may not do as well as the meds, but they are better than having nothing at all on hand.

  7. When you first made it here, you were my Blueberry Hill but you lied and killed my family members over and over again and you think this is yours just because you take something from the store and give it to your grandkids 500 years later still doesn't make it yours. We are coming and we're not only just using vessels. May the moonlight keep you warm

  8. Jake, you explain the stock market so well that the mystery of stock jargon cleared for me. Thank you.

  9. this should have happened in 2008. We have drawn this scam known as the American economy out to its last breath.
    I know it sounds crazy, but I don't even care if there is some perilous times ahead. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck, are unemployed, or underemployed, and its pretty clear that a few people control us and have stolen our freedoms. All empires rise and fall, and the US did have a pretty impressive reign of power, but its time is up.

  10. Question
    So what happens if you are in a mortgage and the crash happens??

    How do you pay ur bills??
    And to who do u pay ur bills to ??

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