📈📈📈How to Day Trade Technology Stocks📈📈📈

📈📈📈How to Day Trade Technology Stocks📈📈📈
How to Day Trade Technology Stocks. Today I made a trade on SQQQ an ETF which is the inverse of QQQ which tracks the Nasdaq. I shorted SQQQ and was long Visa. I went ahead and exited these trades for an over ,000 gain overnight.

📈📈📈How to Day Trade Technology Stocks📈📈📈

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  1. Great tip.

    Gotta give it a bit of time and know when to pounce.

  2. Tech stocks have been rallying like crazy. It looks like tech stocks are about to break out!

  3. Sometimes I panic sell and then the stock shoots up right after I sold it. The stock market literally moves the opposite of whatever I do. If I buy a stock you should sell it because you already know it's going to go down lol.

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