⚡Aurora Cannabis Receives Clearance for Acquisition⚡MARIJUANA STOCKS⚡CANNABIS NEWS⚡

⚡Aurora Cannabis Receives Clearance for Acquisition⚡MARIJUANA STOCKS⚡CANNABIS NEWS⚡
Aurora Cannabis Acquisition of MedReleaf Advances Towards July Closing. Competition Bureau Clearance for MedReleaf Acquisition.

I’m here today on a Sunday with a short yet important video with some important news about the marijuana industry in general and more specifically Aurora Cannabis.

I said the marijuana industry in general because in my opinion Aurora will be the ultimate market leader in the industry in the near future so everything that happens now can and will affect the markets in the long run. And especially a deal like the one where they want to acquire all of the shares outstanding of MedReleaf which is Canada’s most awarded licensed producer of marijuana.

Now the decision about the deal has been made public a few months ago and I’ve made a few videos on it, if you don’t know much about it you can always go and watch them there is a link popping up in the upper right corner right now.

BUT, for today some good news about that deal.

And off course let me know what you think about that deal there is plenty of room down in the comments bellow, tell me all about it!

The ARTICLE that I used for this video:

Aurora Cannabis Acquisition of MedReleaf Advances Towards July Closing

Original press release:

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Disclaimer 2: I do own shares of companies mentioned in this video, and do proclaim that this is NOT a speculative video.

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⚡Aurora Cannabis Receives Clearance for Acquisition⚡MARIJUANA STOCKS⚡CANNABIS NEWS⚡